2017 Educational Program Coming Soon!

2016 Educational Program

KEYNOTE: Tony Cassell, Dropbox Global Security Director

Security from startup to enterprise: The inside story on Dropbox

Securing a 30-employee, one-location startup is vastly different from securing a global, multi-location enterprise. But some companies—such as Dropbox—go from startup to enterprise in less than a decade. Dropbox Global Security Director Tony Cassell shares his experience designing a security platform that will grow with an organization. Cassell will discuss strategy, planning stages, technology assessment, integrator and manufacturer relationships, and how Dropbox culture and values fit into the security scenario. With a background in IT, Cassell's first security job was with Facebook in 2007 (at the time a 300-person organization), building the company's physical security program from scratch. At Dropbox since 2013, Cassell is architecting and implementing their enterprise security program.

Biometrics: Battle of the body parts

Biometrics are more reliable than ever, and the price point is coming down. But which biometric technique works best? Where does the promise still exceed the reality? This session will examine four leading technologies—facial recognition, eye scan, fingerprint, and hand geometry—to better understand the technology fundamentals, comparative advantages and disadvantages and best application areas. Representatives from four leading biometric companies will state their cases. To add to the fun, four judges drawn from the "20 under 40" award winners, will ask questions and vote for their favorite biometric.

Manish Dalal, General Manager, ZKAccess
Jeff Sebek, VP Business Development, Stone Lock Global
Blaine Frederick, VP Product Management – EyeLock, Stanley Security
Susie Osowski, Product Manager - Biometrics, Allegion
Moderated by Ray Coulombe, Founder and Managing Director, SecuritySpecifiers.com

Christopher C. Moore, Manager, Public Safety, and Security, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth, Mass.
Ross Bourgeois, Assistant Chief of Public Safety, Mercedes-Benz Superdome/Smoothie King Center/Champion Square
Henry Hoyne, VP of professional services, Northland Control Systems
Scott Ranger, VP Operations, CONTAVA

Behind the blockbuster: Securing the set, the stars and the intellectual property

Marvel Studios has created some of the most popular and successful films in box office history including Iron Man, Avengers, and Captain America. Using unique and industry-leading security measures, Marvel Studios Security protects the company's scripts, filming locations, and pre-release events and screenings. During this educational session, Marvel Studios Global Security Director Matt Slatoff will discuss some of the techniques and technology behind the innovative security program that keeps Marvel's secrets safe.

Matthew Slatoff, VP, Global Security and Content Protection, Marvel Studios

Healthy and wise?

The hospital emergency room is arguably the most dangerous location in every city. How hospital pros protect their patients, staff and the hundreds of visitors that come in and out of their doors every day in often extremely stress-filled states offers applicable lessons beneficial to us all.

Ashley Ditta, Director, Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital
Christopher C. Moore, Manager, Public Safety, and Security, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth, Mass.
Moderated by Ralph Nerette, Director of Security and Emergency Management, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Next Gen integrators and end users face off

How is the next generation of integrators and end users dealing with manufacturer promises, security consultants, assessing new technology and with each other? Six young leaders will share their opinions and insight in this educational session. Speakers will include three "20 under 40" Class of 2015 end users on one side and three "20 under 40" integrators on the other.

Scott Ranger, VP Operations, CONTAVA
Henry Hoyne, VP of Professional Services, Northland Control Systems
Josh Long, Manager, technical & services delivery, Event Monitoring Center, Diebold Security

Matthew Slatoff, VP, Global Security and Content Protection, Marvel Studios
Reggy Timothee, Manager of Facility Security, Comcast

Moderated by Martha Entwistle, Editor, Security Systems News

In The Big Easy, it's not easy

Current "20 under 40" End User award winner, the assistant chief of public safety for the New Orleans Superdome, Ross Bourgeois, will discuss what goes into protecting thousands upon thousands of spectators at a decades-old "porous" venue in the heart of a "small big city." Bourgeois, a former New Orleans police officer, melds customer service with making sure fans and players stay safe.

Ross Bourgeios, Assistant Chief of Public Safety, Mercedes-Benz Superdome/Smoothie King Center/Champion Square
Moderated by Rob Hile, Director Strategic Accounts: SureView Systems

Cybersecurity threatens the physical security stronghold

As the security industry embraces the efficiency of the Internet in everything from access control to video, enhanced devices bring new vulnerabilities. Ensuring the integrity of sophisticated systems requires vigilance in a new direction.

Joe Coe, Sales Engineer, Hikvision
Rodney Thayer, consultant with Smithee, Spelvin, Agnew & Plinge
Moderated by Chris Peckham Senior VP, Chief Technology Officer and Special Projects Kratos

Internet of Things, today and tomorrow

TechSec 2013 featured an educational session called "M2M, APIs and the Cloud: Driving New Solutions and Business Models in Security." The session explored how the growing M2M [machine to machine] business had increased the speed and type of devices that can be managed in real time. The session took a look at APIs [application programming interfaces] and the IoT [the Internet of Things]—terms that at that time were not exactly mainstream in the security industry. This new educational session will reflect on how far we've come in three years, what IoT is today and what it means to security. Expect real world examples from the security space and beyond.

Michael Campbell, president and CEO, MachineShop
Brian Lohse, Director, Sales - Secure-I, Alarm.com
Moderated by Steve Van Till, CEO, Brivo

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