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2015 Educational Program

Keynote Address:
Brian Katz, Global Investigations & Intelligence Manager, Google

Security Shouldn't Be Evil Either: Building Google's Secure Culture Brian Katz leads a team that investigates and analyzes wide-ranging issues that affect the safety, security and integrity of each Googler's work environment as well as the company's buildings, information and operations worldwide. Brian's team manages threats and supports the Google business through Google's 24x7 global security operations center.

Get off of my cloud: Key questions about cloud-based security systems

The movement to cloud-based security systems has been accompanied by much ballyhoo about the benefits: RMR opportunities for integrators, cost-savings and quick deployment for end users, less equipment onsite and more security. Not all cloud-based systems are created equal, however. In this session, Diebold's VP of Technology, Jeremy Brecher, moderates a discussion among leading cloud experts and a security practitioner who uses cloud technology. He'll explore key questions when considering a cloud solution such as: Is your data safe? What are the lessons learned from the JPMorganChase, Target and Home Depot breaches? Where might vulnerabilities exist? How do public, private and hybrid cloud solutions differ? What can integrators, end users and manufacturers do to avoid problems with cloud-based systems?

Christian Morin, Vice President Cloud Services, Genetec
Dean Drako, CEO and Founder, Eagle Eye Networks
Steven Van Till, President and CEO, Brivo Systems
Moderated by Jeremy Brecher, VP of Technology, Diebold

Student innovation: Young minds with fresh ideas

Innovation often comes from those who can take a fresh look at a product or problem. In an effort to tap bright young minds for innovative ideas, HID Global has teamed up with Chapman University MBA students this fall to create a "technology incubation environment" for students. HID challenged the students from Chapman's New Product Development and Entrepreneurship courses to identify key market opportunities and develop an action plan to expand the influence of HID's Trusted Tag Services within the Internet of Things space. What did the students come up with? Come to TechSec to hear from the students themselves about their ideas and innovations.

Mark Robinton, Manager Technology Innovation, Strategic Innovation Team, HID Global
Jeff Hale, MBA student, Chapman University
Moderated by Martha Entwistle, Editor, Security Systems News

Who's the boss of video surveillance?: IT vs. physical security

Since its founding in 2005, TechSec Solutions has explored many facets of the relationship between physical security departments and IT departments. This year, we'll explore a brand new trend in this decade-old topic: the emergence of the IT departments as the decision maker on questions of video surveillance. A recent study showed IT departments are involved in 91 percent of video surveillance deployments, and 47 percent of IT directors say they make the final video surveillance purchase decisions. Moderated by Axis Communications' Fredrik Nilsson, this session brings together an IT director who oversees a physical security department, a security director who oversees an IT department, and a security professional who is in charge of both. Who's the boss? We'll find out.

Kelly S. Klatt, Area Director of Safety & Security, Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando
Les P. Vernon, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Protection 1
Moderated by Fredrik Nilsson, GM Americas Axis Communications

Is PSIM ready for prime time?

PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) may have different definitions, depending on the audience or the supplier. How does PSIM differ from situational awareness, or does it? Does PSIM work? Is it too costly? Is it only for large installations? This panel of knowledgeable security professionals with differing, and possibly conflicting, points of view will address these questions and more. They'll provide a clear understanding of PSIM technology, application areas, pitfalls and guidelines.

Rob Hile, Director Strategic Accounts, Sureview Systems
Richard Beard, President, KapLogic
Bob Banerjee, Senior Director, Consultants, A&Es, NICE
Benjamin Butchko, President and CEO, Butchko, Inc.
Moderated by Ray Coulombe, Founder, SecuritySpecifiers.com

Proprietary Jail: Is the industry bailing on open systems?

In the past couple of years, we've seen video surveillance manufacturers get into access control, access control manufacturers get into video and one video company buying another. Hear from two leading integrators and two leading consultants about their experiences and how they believe this kind of M&A and expansion activity affects the "openness" of security technology and work on standards. What does this trend mean for integrators and end users? Does it signal progress or foreshadow a return to proprietary systems?

David Sime, VP of Engineering and Delivery, CONTAVA
Joseph Grillo, CEO, ACRE LLC / Managing Director, Vanderbilt International
Benjamin Butchko, President and CEO, Butchko, Inc.
Moderated by Chris Peckham, Senior VP, Chief Technology Officer and Special Projects KRATOS|HBE

Next Gen Security Series: Talking tech with young leaders on the integration and the end user side

Security practitioners' perspective

Each year Security Director News honors 20 young security professionals who've displayed leadership qualities and promise for success. This panel discussion features three honorees from this year's SDN "20 under 40" Class. Speakers representing different vertical markets such as high tech, health care and critical infrastructure will discuss their experience with new security technology on the job.

David Avedikian, Supervisor Project Development, Southwest Airlines
Jon Victorine, Senior Associate Director of Administrative Services, UMass Lowell
Brad Reeves, Director of Loss Prevention, A&P
Moderated by Amy Canfield, Managing Editor, Security Systems News

Security integrators' perspective

This session features four honorees from Security Systems News' "20 under 40" Class of 2014. Speakers are chosen for their technical savvy and depth of experience with systems integration.

Sarah Jennings, COO, QuickPass
David Sime, VP of Engineering and Delivery, CONTAVA
Jim Lash, Director of Advanced IT Installation, Diebold
Sharon Shaw, Client Development Manager, Tech Systems
Moderated by Martha Entwistle, Editor, Security Systems News

Five things you may not know about health care security

You may know that the renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Massachusetts is one the nation's top treatment and research hospitals, but you may not know what it takes to secure it and the hundreds of doctors, staff, patients and visitors that come and go everyday. In this session, Ralph Nerette, Director, Security & Emergency Management at Dana Farber, and a former "20 under 40" honoree, sheds light on what a day in the life of a hospital security director looks like. How prevalent are issues such as workplace violence and murder/suicide? Do the current visitor management technologies work well or promise too much? What's on a hospital security director's technology wish list? This interactive discussion will offer valuable insights for manufacturers, integrators, consultants and security directors who work in other vertical markets.

Ralph Nerette, Director, Security & Emergency Management, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Moderated by Rob Hile, Director Strategic Accounts, Sureview Systems

Central station transformation

What will the successful central station of the future look like? Will centrals be monitoring networks, social media, home appliances? Some central monitoring stations are already hiring software engineers to develop unique applications for integrators and end users. Where is that trend going? What kind of cyber threats are central stations dealing with now? Find out where central station technology is going and what opportunities the central station transformation may present integrators and end users.

Morgan Hertel, VP Operations, Rapid Response Monitoring Services
Brett Springall, CEO, Security Central
Moderated by Don Childers, COO, Security Central

Want business intelligence? Ask the retailers

Business intelligence derived from physical security data is in its infancy in most vertical markets, but retail is ahead of the curve. Hear what retail security professionals are doing and how other security sectors can adapt retail's approach for their own needs and benefits.

Paul McGinley, Director of Loss Prevention U.S., Dollar Financial Corp.
Jon Shimp, VP of asset protection, Louis Vuitton, Americas
Brad Reeves, Director of Loss Prevention, A&P
Moderated by Robert Beliles / VP, Corporate Marketing and Strategic Initiatives / Tyco

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